Is Gina Lopez being used by the Aquinos?

Gina Lopez USED
The closure of mines is allegedly a subtle way of bringing down the Duterte administration under the guise of environmental care and concern. The easiest way to impeach the President and get the Yellows ruling again is to let the economy suffer and dive into the pit.

But why is Gina Lopez allowing herself to be used as a puppet?

History will tell us.

The Lopez family are allies with the Cojuangco-Aquino clan. They are members of the oligarchy that owned much of the Philippine land and assets. This includes Meralco and ABSCBN, the largest TV station in the country. In 1972, then President Ferdinand Marcos sequestered the power company and the station.

With the People Power Revolution in 1986, the oligarchs were able to successfully take office through then President Cory Aquino. Within a year in office, Cory returned Meralco and ABSCBN to the original owners without pay at least for the improvements in the interregnum. Meralco was later on sold to the Pangilinans while the station remained with the Lopezes.

The Lopezes owe the Aquinos a huge debt of gratitude. In the country, this entails the “debtor” to provide what the “creditor” is asking. In this case, the Lopezes owe it to the Aquinos to render any service the latter may need from the former. Damn if they don’t.

Is this why Gina Lopez met with President Rodrigo Duterte after winning the Presidential race and held a very long meeting with him? Is this why Gina Lopez immediately accepted the Environment Secretary position when the President offered it to her, which offer was not seriously made as mentioned by the President in his State of the Nation Address? Is this why Gina Lopez refused to acknowledge the audit results conducted by the experts in her very own agency? Is this why Gina Lopez deferred disclosure of the mine audit results?

Ultimately, is this why Gina Lopez ordered the closure of mine sites without having an alternative source of income for the affected families, letting them languish in hunger and poverty? Who cares? They are oligarchs; they will disregard everything else for their insatiable appetite to make money.

The question is, will we let our environment agency be run by a puppet Lopez whose decisions are prejudiced by the dictates of their creditor? For who in her right mind would rally against responsible mining when the family’s business primarily survives because of mining?

Let us not be blinded. Saying no to Gina Lopez is not saying no to her person, but saying a huge no to the real reasons of her decisions and the family behind these irrational unscientific orders. Let us not be blinded by her sweet words and her fake passion. Contrary to her messianic zeal, Gina Lopez is not an environmental heroine but an Aquino-wealth and power feeder. Let’s not kid ourselves –the oligarchs are here to stay and they will do everything to amass wealth for themselves. I know, we will not be fooled.

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