Pacquiao says Bible allows ‘responsible mining’

MANILA – The Bible allows “responsible mining,” Senator Manny Pacquiao said Thursday, as he argued that mining should be allowed as long is it follows the law.

Pacquiao, a Born-Again Christian, was speaking at the confirmation hearing of Environment Secretary Gina Lopez, who stood firm on her stand against mining that harms the environment.

The champion boxer quoted verses 7 to 9 of Deuteronomy Chapter 8, which said God gave man a “good land” with rich streams, rivers and valleys, and “you can dig copper out of the hills.”

“There is even instructing, you can dig copper, but if you understand the first line, there’s responsible, meaning responsible mining,” Pacquiao said, reading from his mobile phone.

Pacquiao said he was trying to be “balanced” and Lopez should “consider” mines that cure their requirement deficiencies.

“Even in the Bible, about the creation of God, we have to take care of the Earth, the nature, the environment, because we are connected, our lives are connected with nature,” he said.


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