The terrorists are among us

tony-katigbakIt would seem that President Duterte is in full support of his Environment Secretary Gina Lopez despite the loud outcry of the mining sector. I honestly believe that they also deserve their day in court and to be able to voice out their concerns. It’s quite sad that the industry has been vilified so badly when it may only a couple of bad apples in the barrel that should the reason for concern.

As I have mentioned in previous columns, I believe in responsible mining and what it does for the country for both resources and employment. I have seen it firsthand and I know a lot of the major players are doing their part in environmental protection and awareness all while responsibly handling their operations. I don’t think everyone should be made to suffer just because of a few mistakes – which can easily be remedied and removed.

I believe that government should think long and hard before pushing through with banning mining in the country. A compromise can definitely be reached through open dialogue and communication. This is something that is important so that both sides of the story can be heard and both sets of concerns can be put on the table. At the end of the day, nothing is ever one sided. It’s possible to come up with a solution that is win-win.


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